I'm only sleeping

ready to stop caring
ready to stop doing freelance work
ready to get a real job
not ready to learn self-discipline
not ready to be an adult

I had a dream I was engaged to this really adorable short haired girl and I was pregnant and it was actually so cute help

All I’ve done today is lay in bed

I washed my hair and painted my nails today… Pretty successful Sunday

Painting my nails instead of getting laid…. Worth it



Dapper Day Fall 2014 King Arthur Carousel 

Look at my hot friend in that first picture get it girl!!!

Ahh it’s me that’s so rad!!

I said no to go over to a boy’s house and get laid bc I had just started painting my nails


I miss princessing with queenbitchcarly 💕💖💘

(Source: queenbitchcarly)


It’s not easy being green


So bored

bags under my eyes

Chillin in bed

Bleerrgghhh it’s late and I’m stressing out about everything